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About us
The Celebrity Corporate Club is one of the prestigious family Club of Chennai, established in 2000 situated in Mount Road, Padappai, and Coimbatore.

Celebrity Corporate Club (CCC) is a call to live life to the fullest, to the happiest, in the most balanced and refreshing way. Today, CCC is especially meaningful where despite faster communications, quicker transportations and instant cuisines, we still seem to have less time to spend with our loved ones. CCC cater to the need of young professionals and working people who wanted to socialize in British style.

CCC creates a perfect setting for its members to explore, bond, laugh, feast and make family memories that will last forever at its sprawling Padappai Resort and Mount Road Club. CCC is affiliated to more than 250 Clubs and 125 Hotels in India, CCC also provides RESORT CONDIMONIUM INTERNATIONAL(RCI) membership to the members , RCI offers 4500 international resorts across the world for the CCC members and its family to spend their holidays.
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